Challenges for digital governance

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Panel debate on digital governance

Today I participated in a panel debate on digital governance, organised by the Erasmus University Rotterdam. What is the outlook on jurisdictional challenges for law and policy making in a digital world, dominated by big data players? What can we do from a public and private point of view? Should we wait and see how a new digital world based on big data and AI will impact our lives or shall we put governance and regulation in place in order to prevent harmful events from occurring in the future?

Explainable algorithms

In my opinion we should not wait for the Dutch government or European commission to enact law, but we have to take the initiative ourselves. At de Volksbank, we have developed a framework to assess the algorithms applied in daily operations. We strive to be transparent in the use of algorithms. We require algorithms to be explainable and reproducible. In case of fully automated decisions, we provide for a human interface in case of escalation. Outcomes given by algorithms must be fair and based on a low degree of bias. When feasible, the client must be in control of his/her data. Thank you professors Evert Stamhuis and Klaus Heine for this interesting debate. devolksbank algorithms

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