• Connecting Your Employees to a Higher Purpose
    by Michael McKinney on 24 juni 2022 at 16:34

    IN 2016, I had an experience while working with a sophisticated, billion-dollar technology company that, for me, was a seminal moment. I was invited to speak to a group of senior managers at the company’s annual leadership summit on the topic of connecting to purpose at work. My client and I devised a quick activity to determine how many of the 222 leaders in attendance could recall the company’s single-sentence corporate mission statement. Prior to my presentation, we distributed index cards to all participants. We asked them to record the one-sentence mission statement on the card from memory, without the aid of a smartphone or the colleagues seated next to them.. Guess what we discovered? Only 4 of the 222 leaders in attendance (less than 2%) could accurately recall the company’s pithy guiding statement. Thirty-four participants (15%) left their cards blank or answered with a question mark. One senior manager thought it was a trick question and wrote, “As far as I know, we don’t have a corporate mission statement right now.” This experience reinforced an observation that has directed my work’s focus ever since: Although organizations consistently develop corporate mission, vision, and purpose statements, leadership is inconsistently able to recall them. As a result, leaders are unable to reveal these corporate ideals to employees, connect them to employees’ daily work activities, and leverage them to inspire greater employee engagement. Start with Your Organization’s Purpose and Core Values It’s not possible to be purpose-driven if a company’s purpose hasn’t...

  • Leading Thoughts for June 23, 2022
    by Michael McKinney on 23 juni 2022 at 14:36

    IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Engineer, designer, entrepreneur, and investor, Tony Fadell on becoming a manager: “Remember that once you become a manager, you’ll stop doing the thing that made you successful in the first place. You will no longer be doing the things you do really well—instead you’ll be digging into how others do them, helping them improve. Your job will now be communication, communication, communication, recruiting, hiring and firing, setting budgets, reviews, one-on-one meetings (1:1s), meetings with your team and other teams and leadership, representing your team in those meetings, setting goals, and keeping people on track, conflict resolution, helping to find creative solutions to intractable problems, blocking and tackling political BS, mentoring your team, and asking ‘how can I help you?’ all the time.” Source: Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making   II. Former Nike Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hoffman on passion: “Passion is a risk-taking emotion because it demands that we reveal so much of ourselves to others. If you’ve ever found yourself in a conversation with someone about their passion, then you know what I mean. You can feel it; they get carried away. And when they finally stop talking, they can be a little embarrassed. But that’s good. Show that to your audience. Imbue your brand, your stories, your spaces with passion unbridled. Start talking about what you love and...

  • 7 tips om het leven voor ondernemende mensen draaglijker te maken
    on 23 juni 2022 at 14:31

    Ondernemende werknemers krijgen vaak veel voor elkaar in organisaties, tenzij de ze tegen de beperkingen van diezelfde organisatie aan lopen. Geheel in de geest van de Amerikaanse ‘tien stappen voor geluk en succes’ volgen in dit artikel daarom zeven tips die het leven van ondernemende mensen dragelijk maken.

  • De invloed van ‘Multiple Team Membership’ op Goed Werk
    on 22 juni 2022 at 13:52

    Heb je er wel eens over nagedacht in hoeveel teams, groepen of andersoortige collectieven je participeert? Grote kans dat ze niet op één hand te tellen zijn. Wat betekent dat voor het individu, het team en de organisatie en hoe kun je hiermee omgaan?

  • 10 Books You Should Read This Summer
    by Michael McKinney on 20 juni 2022 at 14:22

    HER FATHER was an Olympic athlete, and her mother a physical education instructor. And unlike her siblings, Grace Kelly preferred reading to physical activity. Although her father was well-read, her proclivity to read didn’t always sit well with her father. He wanted her to be more athletic. At school, she was encouraged to read widely. And she did. And we should too. For me, reading some fiction is like taking a walk. It provides a diversion that gives your mind a chance to think through what you’ve been reading and learning. Especially for leaders, reading outside the normal leadership fare helps to provide you with context for your leadership. Reading fiction, histories, and biographies builds empathy and provide insights into human nature. While I like just about everything from David Baldacci, like his latest Dream Town, I also like to go back and read classics from authors like John Steinbeck. Wally Bock recommends that we take this time to read something we’ve always wanted to read, something to read for fun, and something we’ve never read about or that really stretches our brain. He even provides a helpful, downloadable sheet to help organize our list. With a few extra hours of daylight, the summer is an ideal time to relax and read. Listed below are ten books released this year that will entertain, make you think, and improve your leadership. Pick at least three and take some time to make yourself better this summer. The Crux: How Leaders Become...