• Human learning can be duplicated in solid matter
    on 22 september 2021 at 16:18

    Researchers have found that learning -- a universal feature of intelligence in living beings -- can be mimicked in synthetic matter, a discovery that in turn could inspire new algorithms for artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Tube-shaped robots roll up stairs, carry carts, and race one another
    on 22 september 2021 at 16:18

    Researchers have designed a 4D-printed soft robot that self-assembles when heated and can take on challenging tasks like rolling uphill and navigating a bumpy and unpredictable landscape.

  • The Attention Mechanism from Scratch
    by Stefania Cristina on 19 september 2021 at 18:00

    The attention mechanism was introduced to improve the performance of the encoder-decoder model for machine translation. The idea behind the The post The Attention Mechanism from Scratch appeared first on Machine Learning Mastery.

  • Conversational AI Making Headway in Powerful Healthcare Chatbots 
    by Allison Proffitt on 16 september 2021 at 21:06

    By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor   Conversational AI has come a long way since ELIZA, which was intended by its creator in 1964 to be a parody of the responses of a psychotherapist to his patient, as a demonstration that communication between a human and a machine could only be superficial.   What surprised Joseph Weizenbaum

  • Gartner Hype Cycle for AI 2021 Highlights AI Orchestration, Governance 
    by Allison Proffitt on 16 september 2021 at 20:46

    By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor    An update by Gartner analysts to its Hype Cycle for AI 2021 report, prepared by Gartner analysts Shubhangi Vashisth and Svetlana Sicular, identifies four AI megatrends that are underway:   Companies are looking to operationalize AI platforms to enable reusability, scalability, and governance and speed up AI adoption and growth. AI orchestration and automation platforms

  • President Prioritizes Cybersecurity Protection, Response and Zero Trust 
    by Allison Proffitt on 16 september 2021 at 20:32

    By AI Trends Staff  President Joe Biden in May released an Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, an effort to respond to recent cyber espionage campaigns and fundamentally rethink how security is provided in the nation’s digital infrastructure.  “In our view, the EO does two things,” stated an advisory from PwC, the professional services network.

  • Enterprise IoT Deployments, Spurred by Growth in 5G, Pose New Challenges 
    by Allison Proffitt on 16 september 2021 at 20:15

    By AI Trends Staff   The increased availability of 5G networks is spurring interest in enterprise IoT deployments, which is causing a range of questions to surface around how the deployments are going to work, especially with existing operational systems, according to a new report from technology research firm Information Services Group (ISG).   Mobile network operators,